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Rvcoms Sdn Bhd was established in 2019 and is involved in coconut derivatives. Being one of the largest coconut-producing countries in the world, Malaysia has a significant opportunity to dominate the global market with the quality and quantity of processed coconut products. Currently, Rvcoms Sdn Bhd is collaborating with factories that process high-value organic, natural, and hygienic coconut oil products and has established partnerships with coconut farmers to ensure the availability of raw materials. This way, factories can develop their business and generate employment opportunities.


To be Malaysia's top choice for high-quality coconut oil. We aim to lead in purity, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, making a positive impact on consumers' well-being. Our commitment to ethical sourcing, eco-friendly practices, and constant innovation ensures that we are the trusted choice for businesses and individuals seeking the best coconut oil solutions. We envision building positive partnerships, supporting local communities, and bringing joy and health to our customers


Fostering positive relationships with partners, supporting local communities, and making a meaningful impact on the health and happiness of our customers

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